The library needs a recent version of Wireshark and lua 5.1+.

Although the library is expected to work on older versions of Wireshark, it has only been tested on 2.2.0 and above.

Installing the library

From a release

Grab wssdl.lua from the latest release, and put it in one of Wireshark’s plugin paths.


Usually, Wireshark loads plugins from ~/.config/wireshark/plugins and /usr/lib/wireshark/plugins/<version>. You can check what directories Wireshark checks by going into Help -> About -> Folders.

From source

Building from source requires as an additional prerequisite luarocks and the luafilesystem module to be installed.

To boostrap the library in one coalesced file, and install it to ~/.config/wireshark/plugins, run from the project directory:

$ make install

If you prefer to install it in another location, set the variable WS_PLUGIN_DIR. For instance, to install wssdl in the system plugin path for Wireshark 2.2.0:

$ sudo make WS_PLUGIN_DIR=/usr/lib/wireshark/plugins/2.2.0 install